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the XIII remake that remotely resembles the old art style

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    November 20, 2020

    XIII Remake Currency Top Up This week the remake of XIII was released and the reception for the return of this first person shooter has not been met with celebration. Instead players and fans of the original XIII have reported numerous issues with the XIII remake and by all accounts the game is currently not worth the money. The issues are so prevalent and the outcry widespread that Microids has issued an apology about the state of XIII. Playmagic the developer has been working on a day one patch that was not released day one. You can read some of the apology below.

    However in an attempt to modernize the remake the cel-shaded style in 2020's version looks like it was completely smoothed over. Honestly calling it “cel-shading” feels like kind of a stretch. The only aesthetical aspect of the XIII remake that remotely resembles the old art style is the somewhat thick black outlines found on every character model. Otherwise the creative direction is lost and every character looks like they could be a skin from Fortnite. The sharp corners and blockiness that defined the original’s art style are just gone.

    The remake of XIII is here and fans are taking to the internet to make comparisons between the original and the new edition. Perhaps most notable is the shift in art direction which takes the comic book style of the original and changes it to something a bit smoother but distinctly different. With a whole seventeen years between the remake and the original Cheap XIII Remake Currency a change in graphics is probably to be expected. However some fans don't seem to be completely happy with the way that the game tweaked its aesthetic. While the remake does retain a small amount of cel-shading fans took to the internet suggesting that the end result drew comparisons to Fortnite.

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