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console Krunker allows players to hop into the action

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    October 26, 2020

    Krunker KR While most FPS games need to be downloaded or purchased via disc for your PC and console Krunker allows players to hop into the action for free directly from their web browser meaning all you need is an internet connection.This makes it an incredibly attractive proposition for gamers who want to grab a quick fix of “shoot’em up” combat and now the developers behind the game have announced what players can expect in the new 1.4.7 update.

    With the game you will have to fight against everyone for your survival. The main objective is therefore easy to read since it is simply a question of holding out for 1 round finding your opponents and destroying them. We better understand the use of the name "krunker" which in popular urban language defines what remains on the toilet seat after someone has passed by and which we wipe with vulgar PQ ... If you need Buy KR , you can visit our site

    First let’s explore the backgrounds of both games. as we’ve mentioned was created by Sidney de Vries whose previous projects include and borrows classes and the general aesthetic from so it’s a kind of sequel although whether they take place in a shared world or not is unclear. meanwhile was created by Steve Howse and represents the epitome of necessity being the mother of invention. Howse was hurting for money and noticed the popularity of which inspired him to create a sort of “mashup” of and the popular Nokia mobile game Snake. Thus was born.

  • November 26, 2020

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  • March 25, 2021

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