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It's not easy to decide to play SoM

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    October 26, 2021

    Which server? I'm not suggesting it WOW TBC Gold wasn't happening at all. It was very minimally contrasted with other servers. I was on Bloodsail at the end but I had been on Thalnos Benediction, benediction and mankrik before that. Horde on mankrik. Alliance on the other 3. Bloodsail has had less issues as compared to other servers. There were people who came on our server to pick up mats on the ah for sale to other servers.

    Vanilla will be harder than vanilla, so there will not be any wbuffs and more difficult bosses for raids. Many people complained about how MC is a joke. It seems that this has been addressed to some extent. They are also said to be fixing the mage boost. This will improve the leveling experience and world interactions.

    Many of the "Classic" players would like #nochanges. Classic+ isn't Classic and will only be appealing to players who aren't vanilla-centric. Modern MMO players prefer modern design but older vanilla players prefer simplicity in design. They are not good at their game, so it is best to have no modifications.

    The people who played FF14 went to New World because they now are looking for more or have changed games. Classic+ has to be brainless like Classic to accommodate "bad" players (LFR) that are able to only play Classic while on the other hand would have to offer new experiences to all... It's a challenge to do if at all. The Classic community is highly fragmented and is highly unlikely to unite in a single Classic+ version.

    So you want classic, but not classic but classic, but not classic. I'm sorry to say that it seems like you're trying to play some other game, every private server that's tried Classic + died off after some time, which is the only reason to play this ridiculous 15 year old game is the social aspect.

    On that front Classic has provided a lot more than Classic + version has ever done, what you're asking is the 15th anniversary game to be inventive and introduce new features, well, everything they did, its called expansions , and while certain suck, it's basically Classic +.

    Additionally, I strongly doubt that the existence of any "casual" guild will be going back to Season of Mastery, only the part of this entire thread is my curiosity on the number of like-minded individuals who actually would like this.

    It's not easy to decide to play SoM because it most likely have the players base that p servers don't. It's also the ultimate cash-grab experience. It's possible to alter parameters to make it harder. There aren't any new features. It makes it impossible to enjoy. The scarcity of loot can be irritating and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold it could be unsettling with the timeframe. World buffs are great however, people were calling for this even before that was even an idea! !