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You can cure your wild by using the spell power

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    October 4, 2021

    At the moment, a 70-year-old mage can hit a button to gain PVE. If they aren't out of WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold dps at the moment, he can compete with a geared wizard in the dps. In addition, they can bring sheep (much more reliable than sap) as well as frost nova, water or food for the team, and a buff. Not to mention aoe.

    We do a decent job of DPS however we don't contribute much to the group. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. So if you're only playing with a couple of slots, you shouldn't bring the items. They also share lots of stuff with two classes that provide items to the group.

    I don't understand why people think it's hard to be a rogue or to be accepted into groups. I am a rogue, and I was able to be fully blocked out by creating my own groups. It is possible to start your own groups even if aren't able to be accepted to any. The great thing about creating your own groups is that you literally can choose the equipment you want by inviting those people who don't require that gear. I was able full bis since I invited people who did not require leather gear.

    Because I don't wish to tank, just as you wouldn't. ...? Why should I be able to do 1k+ DPS if I've got 500-600 DPS (I've hit 995 dps on boss fights), off heal when required, off tank when required, battle res order to save the party when someone is making a mistake then innervate healer, and give everyone an additional 5% criticism

    Yeah my alt is a feraland can be a good match. While I do tend to tank, at times I simply want to take a break and get some badges. It's really annoying when the group is performing AOE pulls, but I'm sitting there, giggling at every mob who dies before I can earn 5 combo points. Unfortunately, Cat doesn't shine in 5 mens. Although the utility you mention is nice, it can be quite irritating. I feel more confident regarding my personal DPS, if there is an arcane mage in the group.

    You can cure your wild by using the spell power. It's not the same as being a boomkin who is a spellcaster. We're not instructing you on what to do, but even doing 950 is about 2/3 of the biggest dps classes more than that amount of damage is almost carrying. For example, 500 dps can be considered an amount that the team can carry. When you make dps participate in these scenarios the cheap WOW TBC Gold team loses all power over the leader of the dungeon group.