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In PVE at the moment a fresh 70 mage

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    September 15, 2021

    The bis gear farming was a challenge for WOW TBC Gold someone who had the full bis rogue. My mage was about 50% till the moment I reached 70. It is easy to make the right gear for your needs. Kara has almost all the same gear, and my mage only had to make use of the gear of Prince when I was 70. Rogue is a lot more difficult to conquer than my mage and ele shaman. The combopoint-, uptime-cooldown and energy-management between dps as well as imp ea is extremely rough as compared to slamming bolts yet doing a lot less dmg.

    There's really nothing leftover, there's the "rogues are trash" popular meme and people get it. In the majority of my Dungeons, I fight for the top the dps. It's only less than 1% of content and everyone hates rogues.

    It is also difficult to gain entry into a raids because raids only are interested in one when they have sufficient physical damage. If they are accepted in , they must spec to better exposed armour, effectively being brought in for a buff they have to spec into. This means you'll have to specify every when you wish to raid or pvp.

    All the power they have could be derived from a other class with more DPS than them. It is the most popular choice for pvp, leaving the majority of rogues not able to pvp yet able to get pve. This is because the rogue's bis-pvp weapon requires a great deal of pve equipment, so if you're not "the guild raid rogue who will be getting warglaives" then you'll have trouble pvping, since everyone will out gear your character.

    In PVE at the moment a fresh 70 mage can hit 1 button and if they're not out of dps, at least compete with the geared rogue. Along with water and food for the team, a buff is also suggested. Not to mention aoe.

    But mainly we do okay DPS however, we don't provide anything valuable to the group. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. If you only have a few slots, don't bring the items. They share plenty of cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold loot in two classes, who contribute things to the group.

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