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  • NASA's Kepler planet hunting space Buy wow classic gold telescope has made an historic discovery by finding its first rocky planet and it's simultaneously the smallest planet ever found beyond our solar system. The exoplanet, dubbed Kepler 10b, measures barely 1.4 times the diameter of Earth and orbits its star in less than one earth day. Therefore the planet is located well outside the habitable zone and is far too close to the star for liquid water to exist. It is Earth sized but not Earth like with respect to the search for life. The finding of such a small and rocky world marks a major milestone for Keplers scientific capabilities in finding another world like our own.

    Two schools have been closed and store shelves of water have been emptied after a parasite was found in a Bristol water system.In a statement on the Bristol Water website, a spokesperson said: "We apologise to customers for this disruption, but any potential risk to health is our number one priority."We immediately shut the treatment works down once we had the initial result. Hopefully, the boil notice will only be in place for a short period but every precaution needs to be taken to ensure the safety of our customers.We be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story.Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. If you like to receive news alerts, save the number 07939 497390 to your phone we recommend saving the contact as Chronicle News then send the word NEWS to us via WhatsApp. We will send you a maximum of four messages a day and your phone number won be shared with other members of the group or used for any other purpose.Key EventsPool in Clevedon closed for whole weekend due to water parasite alert15:55Clevedon water won't be safe to drink until Monday morning at the earliest14:14Bristol Water says 7,000 properties affected by parasite warning13:55What is the Crypto parasite affecting tap water and what should I do?13:12Asda in Clevedon has empty shelves11:01Update from Bristol WaterAnd it looks like this will be the last we hear from Bristol Water for this evening.In a short statement, posted on the company Twitter account, Bristol Water said everyone who lives within the affected area should have received a boil water notice.It estimated around 7,000 homes are situated within the contaminated area. Bottled water has also been provided to those affected.

    In a recent article about medical error prevention for health professionals, it was stated that between 2004 and 2015 there were healthcare errors that resulted in 5,469 patient deaths. Most common categories resulting in deaths were: wrong site/wrong patient/wrong procedure (12.8%), unintended retention of a foreign body (11.4%), delay in treatment (11%), patient suicide (9.9%), operative and post op complications (9.6%), and patient falls (8.3%). In 2014 alone there were 155 deaths that occurred in Florida due to hospital error. Of the 528 medical errors reported, the deaths were 29% of the total. The next most common injuries reported in 2014 were surgical procedures that were not related to the patient's diagnosis or medical needs (24%), surgical procedures to remove a foreign object left from a previous surgery (20%), surgical repair of injuries or damage resulting from a previous surgery (9%), surgical procedure performed on the wrong site (6.5%), and brain damage (5.5%).
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    10/29/21 at 1:00 AM
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