That Electric Drinking Water Pump Is Made Out Of The Same Mater

  •   That pump is made out of the same materials that potable Electric Drinking Water Pump wholesales were made out of for a hundred years. After California started their Prop 65 thing the federal government followed right along. Now those materials are all of a sudden no longer suitable for potable water, even though people have been living to 100 drinking water from those pumps. They want to blame high lead levels like happened in Flint on the lead in the plumbing, instead of the incompetence of the government officials who pumped caustic water down those pipes.

      Now they not only have to change the materials the pumps are made of and use less robust and problematic materials to make pumps, valves, pipe, and fittings, but they have to pay to get each model certified by an "independent third party".

      So the price difference between that pump and the one made for potable water is what excessive government regulations are costing you for every item you purchase. And it doesn't make it any safer. The testing companies will cut out a piece of the metal or plastic the pump or valve is make of, grind it into a powder, then dissolve the powder in acid to see if ANY traces of ANY material on the list shows up.

      I submit that if it were made out of pure lead and you ground the entire pump or valve into powder and dissolved it into the amount of water the unit would handle in it's lifetime, I would drink that water everyday of my life without a problem. It would be so diluted in all those millions of gallons of water it wouldn't hurt a thing. And the reality is there is only a small percentage of lead in good brass, and over it's lifetime there would not be a teaspoon of metal erode into the water, not the entire pump. This would make it extremely dilute.

      The problem is the kind of people who make these new rules, are also the people who do the water testing and decided to let caustic water flow in Flint. That caustic water scoured the patina from the inside of the pipeline and not only dissolved the lead in the pipes, but also scoured everything else the pipes are made of into the water. But lets not look at what really caused the problem, lets pass it on to the manufacturers. Then the manufacturers pass it on down to the consumers and the general public pays the price, as usual.

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