PET Honey Bottles Have High Toughness

  • Attractive packaging can improve the brand image of the product, which has been proven in all kinds of commodities. As a commonly used packaging bottle, PET Honey Bottles have the following advantages:

    ◆PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) has no chemical reaction with most foods, and it will never affect the stability of food.

    ◆The high-transparency bottle body is comparable to glass bottles, allowing users to clearly see the quality of food

    ◆High anti-breathability feature keeps food at its best effect

    ◆The bottle is light and convenient for consumers to carry; it can greatly reduce the transportation cost

    ◆The characteristic of PET plastic is that it has high toughness, can withstand impact, and is not easily broken. Compared with glass bottles, it is more and more safe and reliable; it can reduce damage during transportation.

    ◆The accurate threaded bottle mouth is injection-molded with high precision. With the anti-theft cap, its sealing performance can be greatly improved, not only preventing leakage but also ensuring the safety

    ◆Beautiful appearance, greatly improving the quality of food and brand image. Eyes are our important organs, and users have increasingly higher requirements for the safety of food directly used for the eyes. Let users clearly see the hygiene and quality of the food in the bottle, and it is not easy to break and is convenient for daily carrying. PET Honey Bottles is one of the best choices.

    Domestic manufacturers use packaging to enhance the company's brand image and increase production efficiency. With the PET Honey Bottles and plastic bottle caps engraved with the company's trademark again, it can prevent counterfeiting, highlight the company's superiority and help publicity.

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