Madden 22 vs Madden 21: Features and Advantages!

  • I have been waiting for a long time, and finally waiting for Madden's latest season of Madden 22's new game is now available. Last year's Madden 21 had the highest sales among all series, but Madden 21 review was shallow. Many players believed that there were no significant changes in Madden 21, and there was nothing to be innovative, which led to this condition! Fortunately, Madden 22 has improved this year, and players are looking forward to it in many ways! Let's take a look at the advantages and features of Madden 22 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in the new season!

    Unique animation in Madden 22
    In the NFL, every tackle is unique. In Madden 22, although the number of animations is still limited, the way players are handled this year has been directly different. When physics and energy collide, the edges are rough, but it feels more like a struggle than a dance when your player is resolved.

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    Great music
    Although several Maddens have recently released new soundtracks composed of multiple artists, I am apprehensive that EA will eventually return to only orchestral scores in one of the Maddens. However, this will not happen this year because Madden 22 features a brand new soundtrack and some modern hip-hop beats to create an atmosphere when the load of the game and the roster are determined.

    Fresh franchise model
    Franchising feels like a new experience. While playing games, I noticed that I wanted to know how the systems interact, how important they are and how to master them. Between staffing, practice, and the new design of the new user interface, when I dive into the weeds of the new model in a good way, I feel my eyes staring. I think I play a new football game for the first time in years. Feels good.

    Each mode is fully functional.
    Anyone who insisted on using the previous generation of consoles last year is cautious about the new games that run on the first day. Between Outriders, Watch Dogs Legion, and Cyberpunk 2077, the previous generation of players had many reasons to be cautious about the ability of the new game to work on the first day. However, so far, Madden 22 has no problems at all. There are no massive crashes, and each mode is fully functional.


    It's straightforward to research opponents.
    One of the best quality of life improvements is that EA has added a screen to the franchise mode, allowing players to research their opponents faster. Previously, franchisees had to manually drill down to the statistics screen to find basic information about opponents this week. Now, the game plan screen provides all the information in a simple form for easy reference.

    It lists the opponent's ranking, including passing offense, rushing offense, passing defense, rushing defense, etc. Now, players who want to understand the weaknesses of their opponents can easily present them to them in a few seconds without having to piece together information through several different screens manually.