My Standing Joke About Dimout Fabric

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      Note: First of all, seriously, we WON! The whole BHG Outdoor Decor thing. You and I. We won. I am verklempt, for everyone who voted, I love you for ever and ever, amen.

      Now, I have to admit it, sometimes it is the most selfish of reasons that inspires a project around here. But whatever it is that lights the fire you just have to run with it. I guess.

      We’ve moved into the guest bedroom in preparation for the full renovation of the master bedroom, bathroom and closet in one fell swoop. If the term “one fell swoop” means to tear out everything existing in each of those three spaces to then, over the course of time, one little project at a time, build it back up that is. So this is happening.

      Much more to come on that hot mess very soon. But it only took me about .3 seconds to find myself completely dissatisfied with the Dimout Fabric curtain situation in the guest bedroom … which looked a bit like this for about six months.

      Sad, I know. My standing joke when we show everyone the house is to proclaim them “custom curtains”. I would venture to guess they are one of a kind, but if you have something similar send me a picture. It will make me feel better.

      And one of the main differences in our guest bedroom and our master bedroom (other than the fact that one room has been renovated and one room needs to be renovated) is light.

      As one of the people who takes up residence in this abode, normally in the master bedroom, I can admire all of the light in the guest bedroom from afar. I often think I forgot to shut the light off in there since the natural stream of light is so bright and beautiful.

      What is not beautiful, however, is the neighbor’s light that he often leaves on all night. And the crack of dawn light that creeps in every single morning.

      I kind of knew the light issue was there, but as the self-serving host I am, I never really cared too much, knowing that curtains would happen … eventually.

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