A Blackout Curtain Fabric Rod Set Up

  •   We all love the look of a soft, light-filtering curtain or roman shade in our bedroom. That is until the sun rises and the blazing sun wakes you up WAY before your alarm clock. Especially if you are someone who can’t seem to fall asleep till 1 am it’s tragic (that’s me and I am working on it). I mean all we really want is a sensible, no light allowed sleeping cave, right? Fortunately, there is a simple and VERY effective solution to this life-disrupting issue…the Blackout Curtain Fabric (or shade).

      Yes, there is a special kind of window treatment that will block out the sunlight, giving you the ability to sleep in longer and even have movie nights in the day time (aka no more sunlight glare). Plus they can help regulate the temperature in your home because its job is to block out the outside elements. I’m not mad about any of this:)

      However, like most things great, they can be pricey thus potentially killing your dreams of properly sleeping in ever again (or tricking your children into sleeping in). So to help, we have rounded up our favorite and very affordable options. Here we go…

      If you already have a curtain rod set up (FYI here is the right way to do it if you need help) then switching out your more sheer curtain panels for blackout ones seriously couldn’t be easier. Since finishing the LA house, Emily has installed them in nearly every bedroom in every house she has designed since. It just makes staying asleep longer so much easier (the dream – and many more REM cycles). And like I hinted earlier, it’s almost 10000% necessary for kids’ bedrooms (i.e. naptime and sleeping in). This way there is far less chance of them seeing the sunlight and thinking they are done sleeping. You need as much spare time as you can get!

      Roman shades are a big favorite. You can find at least one in almost every project. They are clean, sophisticated and down right elegant. But what is important to keep in mind when buying blackout roman shades, is that you are going to want to make sure that you pick an inside mount. Why? Well if you mount the shade on the outside of the window frame, there is a high chance that the light you are so desperately trying to block will come pouring out. No good, if you ask me.

      BUT, if you want the best of both worlds (window treatment edition) then you can always have a blackout roman shade with curtain panels on the outside. This way you can have a guaranteed TOTAL, NO LIGHT room situation. Or you can use more sheer curtains if you simply like the look but still want the blackout option for sleeping.

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