China Dimout Fabric Wholesalers Introduces The Requirements For


    China Dimout Fabric Wholesalers introduced that jacquard fabrics are woven into dobby and jacquard. In fact, they are patterns woven through weaving changes, which are specific textures produced during weaving. Generally, jacquard fabrics used in garments are woven with dobby as the main pattern. Lord, because clothing blocks are generally not large. Jacquard is mostly used in home textiles and curtain fabrics, and a small part is used in clothing, such as cheongsam, Tang suits, stage suits, etc. Jacquard woven fabric has a specific texture and distinctive personality. People who like it will fall in love at first sight, and people who don't like it will decisively reject it. Therefore, people are specially selected. I call it "distinct love and hate".

    Weaving of jacquard fabrics is basically not limited by materials. From natural cotton and linen wool to various chemical fibers, as well as various man-made fibers, jacquard fabrics can be woven. Although the texture of jacquard is rich and varied, it is actually only an extension of the "three original weave". Plain, twill and satin can be designed for jacquard woven fabrics, but the density of plain jacquard is generally not too high, twill jacquard is suitable for medium thickness, satin Pattern jacquard is suitable for high density. As for the appearance characteristics and functional characteristics of woven jacquard fabrics, it is closely related to the texture, organizational structure and function of the raw materials. For example, satin jacquard quilt covers are mostly made of materials with very bright luster. In addition, the texture is satin, which makes it easier to highlight the mirror surface, so it is bright and dazzling. It was often used as a wedding dowry in the past. However, if the short fiber material with a softer color is used, there will be no bright and eye-catching effect. As for the function of jacquard fabric woven, it depends on the material. For example, polyester has poor air permeability, silk is very comfortable and soft, rayon is bright and gorgeous, and cotton is full and warm.

    Jacquard fabric woven is actually a kind of fabric that can highlight individual texture. It has the same purpose as printing, embossing, embroidery, etc., but the above process is realized later, and jacquard is done during weaving. But being too individual also has a bad side. It is the same as having too much individuality. People who love you love you very much, and people who don't like you will reject it a thousand miles away. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the public as much as possible, the jacquard fabrics used for clothing are mostly dobby, so as to have individuality but not too distinctive, and win more people's favor with "moderate".