If It Is Smaller Than The Required Size, It May Not Be Able To

  •   Please consider the size of the grease collector before installation

      The size of the Automatic Grease Separator provided by the Automatic Grease Separator Manufacturer is very important. It should be perfectly aligned with the dimensions of the sanitary equipment. Larger traps may damage things under the pipeline due to the production of sulfuric acid in the tank. If it is smaller than the required size, the grease may not be captured effectively and frequent cleaning is required. The size of the Automatic Grease Separator is measured in consideration of the inlet water flow rate. This rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The three most important factors affecting the size of the Automatic Grease Separator are:

      Drainage fixture (DFU)

      The value of the total number of fixtures in the flow channel

      Diameter of waste pipe

      In order to find the most suitable size, it is important to have a professional or manufacturer who can provide the necessary diagrams and calculations, as well as GPM and pipe diameter information. According to local laws, you may also have to consult the local health department to ensure that the grease collector to be installed meets your requirements.

      How to keep the grease interceptor in its best condition?

      Needless to say, if you do not follow the guidelines to maintain the grease collector, it is equivalent to not installing the collector at all. Therefore, please review the necessary guidelines for optimal maintenance.

      Once the amount of grease, mist, and grease reaches 25% of the total depth of the trap (water tank), the grease trap should be removed immediately,

      Or clean the water tank every 90 days (depending on which one happens first) (

      Thorough inspection). All components that may affect the normal operation of the grease collector

      Avoid using enzymes and other reagents that may cause the grease to leave the collector with the wastewater.