Animal Crossing: Getting colorful feathers is often a meaningfu

  • The festival will be held in February 2021, but the date will vary depending on your attitude towards Carnival and Easter. But in the end, the festival may be held normally. Participants can participate in and spend meaningful music festivals.

    In the weeks before the Festival, you can obtain themed furniture from your only designated location and clothes through Able Sisters that may help you celebrate Christmas. You can also buy ACNH Bells from ACBellsBuy, which helps you dance and throw confetti, and players will like this interesting event.

    At the Festival, these feathers will fly onto it. You can capture them on the net. To get a DIY recipe for rainbow feathers, please get in touch with Pavé outside the on-site service department. Buy ACNH Items that can fix night tasks. Furniture which has been purchased might be customized in several colors, plus the help process is only able to be extracted from Pavé.

    After trading furniture feathers, you must pass three rainbow feathers before proceeding to the next step. Many feathers can only be traded to Pavé by following the rules and can only be purchased during the holidays. Buy Bells Animal Crossing will probably be much easier to go on the task. To make rainbow feathers, you'll want to consider 1 of 2 colors: red, blue, green, and purple.

    Rainbow Feathers could also be used to modify along with your own Festivale furniture if you want. please make sure you stock up a lot more. When you need them later, also you can arrange a vacation back to Festivale to obtain more feathers.