Quests for Classic dungeons come from outside quest lines

  • The higher mill of Classic World of Warcraft pays with WOW TBC Gold a sense of real progression as you see your character grow stronger as you gain levels, gear, and general experience. You may be thinking about if it is worth starting your journey through old Azeroth now, nearly 1 year after launch.

    Unlike the modern game, there is no official'searching for team' system that finds people to play you and teleports all of you to the dungeon. Instead, you'll search for party members in chat stations in major cities or on your guild, and you will all fly or run collectively to the dungeon that you wish to do. And you'll have to go there -- at the early days of Classic, there'll be no summoning stones in the instances themselves.

    Quests for Classic dungeons come from outside quest lines, typically in the zones where the dungeons are located. This implies that if you want to do dungeons while leveling, you will often complete a zone first, then try to discover a group for this zone's dungeon.

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