In Yubiusk, go to the giant box thingy

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    Return to Dorgeshkan and talk with Oldak. He will start translating the tablets. In the meantime, the Dramen Tree has increased. Inspect its wellness to discover that its grown, but its energy is not quite yet mature. You must wait 2 hours. Meanwhile, a miniquest becomes available. This miniquest uses your hunter and slayer skills to search down a level 178 Cave Stalker. It's impervious to everything except bone weapons. Completing this will get you a wonderful chunk of experience, but it's TOTALLY optional, a way to kill time actually.

    Following two hours talk with Oldak to tell find out that the shrub is, well, behaving strangely. This one utilizes melee, ground burst, and bind spells, since you left it so strong together with your fertilizer. When it is dead, you can use this Dramen Tree like you'd the one on Entrana. Bring a Dramen Staff into Oldak and He'll propose an expedition to Yubiusk. Accept.

    In Yubiusk, go to the giant box thingy. Oldak will use a slayer gem with it, and also an ethereal Zanik will look. Whu...? [insert name here]! How can you. . Zanik, where are you? How can you get ghostly? Are you dead? No, I know that. I'm trapped in some kind of buy OSRS gold dimension. Bandos is hoping to kill me think. Why has not he succeeded?