Strength- +5 to strength bonus along with +5 crush

  • I have had my ability cape for OSRS gold a while now and it appears to have no other goal except to show off that you have a skill at 99. I discover that my fire cape is better than it pretty much every situation. I was only thinking that It would be nice if each individual ability cape had an effect or stat that could be advantageous for that stat. Now I really don't know how to be all fancy with the forum stuff so I'll only make it simple. Strike - +5 to stab and slash (I was thinking just slash such as the warrior ring but would confine it to certain weapons)

    Strength- +5 to strength bonus along with +5 crush. Defence- An additional +5 to all the defences. (that is inserted on to the 9 so a total of +14 on all defences) Hitpoints- Heal somewhat quicker. Agility- I had been thinking lower your weight by 5kg however there might be better choices I did not think about. Construction- Less cost for planks/rooms. Cooking- I had been thinking less chance to burn but at 99 you probably won't burn anyway. (Cook faster is also an fantastic idea people have suggested). Any thoughts?

    Crafting- Less thread used. Farming- Less opportunity for a plant to die/become diseased when planted wearing this cape. Fishing- Little chance on catching two fish at once. Fletching- Again, not sure. Any ideas? Herblore- More opportunity for herb drops. (I couldn't think of buy RS gold anything better. Ideas?) Hunter- Less chance for the hunter animals to watch you/escape.