All of them need 80 assault and 80 strengh also handle

  • Ok so we know about the winner scrolls, they are fun, but they give very little rewards. What about things you can get afterwards? They'd be untradeable (seeing as OSRS gold how hard it's too get themwe do not want too possess the economy changeing with these almost hopeless too get things ), people who desire them will probably have too work hard and it'll open up a brand new challenge for people.

    As soon as you become champion of winners (literly hopeless, but might happen) a guy on the second floor of the winners guild will say he will now exchange too you. His things price 1 M each for him overly sell too you (with latest champion discount which continues forever).

    All of them need 80 assault and 80 strengh also handle,but merely 80 defense for shield. Im accepting peoples pixel/drawing creations of these to make the suggestion better. All of these have special attacks I have not thought of yet. They are made from the best jewels,pure gold metal and magical wood. Then theres the scrolls, everytime YOU BEAT A CHAMPION you receive this as a reward. They are scrolls using a picture of the monster on it. On your ahcheivements area in your house you can get a winners scroll rack to put them.

    Alright, so I'm trolling the market threads in Sal's and at tipit (I just use them to the market, don't call me a traitor!) And I see that this great deal on cheap RuneScape gold some thing. Fabulous, I can just jump on RS, add the seller, and coordinate to produce the deal, right? The thread was posted and then the seller has gone to bed.