You have stored Runescape on multiple account

  • Yes im speaking none other than OSRS gold the pursuit: The Lost City. The point of idea is not to change anything to the pursuit itself but the dramen team looks. The stats should stay the exact same but the staff ought to have a mystical appearance, maybe even a few miniature fairies obiting the purpose of their team. The current staff well it resembles a standard staff, when someone doesnt believe you'v completed lost city at level 3 you have to house tele and operate all of the way to zanaris simply to prove a point then be asked for some help with a lvl 94 later ( trust me its happened before). So thats my idea, plain and simple. Only give us something to prove what we worked for. Thank you for your time and please post your comments on the subject.

    Summary: You have stored Runescape on multiple account and you have completed a great deal of tasks. Now it is time for the most difficult quest of your Runescape life. In this quest you'll fight two out of the three of those gods disciples (what disciples you fight depends on the god you choose to group with)

    You need to finish the following quests: Desert treasure, Cabin Fever, Ghosts Ahoy, Fremmenik Trials, Between a Rock, Darkness of Hallowvale, Druidic Ritual, Enakhra's Lament, Family Crest, Garden of Traquility, Fairytale Part 2, Horror In The Deep,Legends, Monkey insanity, One Little Favour, Recipe For Disaster, Roving Elves, A Souls Bane, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Waterfall Quest, Watchtower.

    Ability to defeat 2 some-what hard lvl 270 God disciples. Quest Points Rewarded: 5 (yes it is that long and hard). Reward: Specific weapon for the god you've selected (guthix flail, saradomin sword, or zammorak warhammer/or battleaxe), 30k exp for every skill, the god's whim staff(to wield u must possess 70 att, 70 def, 70 str, 65 mage, 65 ranged, and 50 prayer)I attempt runesape three decades ago. I make account log in buy RuneScape gold do a tutorial. Then my buddy say"Lets visit oldschool one". So I move it there, leaving this accounts behind. After three years (So today ) I log in again and again begin actualy playwith. When I log in I clicked on box"Your accont is muted" and start playing (I dont understood what tha box signifies yet).