The callout and doxxing for'ableism' is just unhinged though

  • By directing competitive posts to Animal Crossing Bells an audience that will get riled up, upvote, and respond with their own, it both provides Pavlovian encouragement and normalizes the behavior... while continuing to push up display time.

    Contrast if you direct the identical post to an average slice of individuals, in which case it is more likely to get downvoted and told to become a racist jerk. At which point the user is sad and leaves, but generally does the behaviour less.Eh, there is certainly discussion about how those elaborate fonts can be hell for b/vi people because screenreaders/text-to-speech programs struggle with them -'Fifi' in that font would be read out as'scientific correspondence f, scientific correspondence , scientific letter f, scientific letter ' and if you have your entire bio as font it would get old really fast.

    The callout and doxxing for'ableism' is just unhinged though.I literally developed social stress because of shit like this. On tumblr, where I had built up a large following making initial content that I really think helped folks. I was never"cancelled" but the strain was high and the atmosphere became so toxic that I quit. Unfortunately, the friends I left retained this stuff up and I could not escape. I was never severely targeted, but I watched all my buddies tear each other to bits over progressively small discussions and it was dreadful. I eventually left our group chats, distanced myself from most of my friends, and left Facebook, that cost me a great deal of my social support. Subsequently twitter got very bad and no quantity of unfollowing repaired the issue so I recently quit that too.

    It has literally been 4years old me just trying to locate any social space I can feel secure in, but seeing shit like that perform over and over again is terrifying. And before anyone comes at me, I'm not attempting to defend debatable views it's just frightening when even posting a screen shot of creature crossing can get you doxxed and plagued. It was my greatest fear when I had a large platform and made initial content, but I am aware that it can happen to me even as a nobody. My heart still races when I see a lot of notifications on a societal media app, and I often procrastinate looking at notifications or mails which had caused real problems in my personal life. I wonder just how many men and women are like me -- I went out searching for Cheap Animal Crossing Items support & community, ended up much worse than where I started.