I think it's around 30k? Perhaps more

  • I wanna group corp and OSRS gold try out GwD, what levels do you think I have to get, before trying tho? I mean to melee, and go with a whole lot of 100+ cb clan mates. Can you guys think I stand a chance with these lvls tho? I also need advise on what I need to take in inventory, and equip... I wish to do corp the most btw... Also the number of 100+ cb individuals must I go with? Tyvm for any advise! For GWD dung with a team you should have 80+'s however that using a clan on the bigger side (Maybe more then 7 people who have a tank) . And I am not sure on the normal gear but I'd try out this (Someone correct me).

    Howdy-hey! Your friendly neighborhood rawrgoyle just dropping in for a greeting, to blather on, stuff like that. Um, out of a general"WELCOME!" I guess I do not have much to add on. I mention that the Task system in threads like these. Doing the Easy/Medium place in Lumbridge/Draynor doesn't call for a hefty number of abilities, and you can get an adequate amount of money from doing this!

    Someone will likely correct me on this particular figure, but I think it's around 30k? Perhaps more, but definitely not less. Add me in-game! I'd really like to chat, help you out, gossip, etc.. Wonderful meeting you! Really like the username.

    Second time needing to type this article, because my damn netbook mouse created me accidentally delete my post. So, to sum up exactly what I stated: Stronghold of Security/Stronghold of cheap RS gold Player Security.