It has some high requirements

  • And what do you mean about chickens? Is that how you've been coaching? Can you tell us the way you train? Most individuals don't visit GWD until they're level CB 100 and OSRS gold that is normally in a 10 man group. 3 matters: Conspicuous is proper. Torag's won't assist you, you need karils/d hide. Could you please use RS Wiki just a LITTLE? (E.g. your inquiries on quest reqs... and also the gear req...)Like they said above, fighter torso is the way to go, and you can use it if you were to get it. For those legs, I enjoy Verac's skirt for its prayer bonus (and manliness). Even if you don't pray for your whole undertaking, you may too use up your foundation prayer points on like superhuman strength (+10% power for the initial part of your task is pretty fine ), and the prayer bonus just causes it to go that much farther.

    Concerning the superb sets, super strength and attack are a must on all tasks, but super defenses you may wish to just bring if you find you are struck a good deal on a single particular job. In any case, superb guards are very cheap in comparison with others, and they just concern with them is they take up inventory space.

    Another thing that you should pick up is really a DDS to your spec weapon (if you have not already). It is cheap, and has a fantastic offensive special that may minutely speed up your job (if anything it makes you feel great getting two great stacked hits). If you plan on slaying a good deal, you need to make an effort and work toward completing the Hard Seer's Village diary, as the Enhanced Excalibur is an excellent healing spec weapon (+200 lp every 5 min is nothing to sneer in ). It has some high requirements, but it is surely well worth it. Seers Village Diary enchanced Excal is a L0L IMO, simply because depending on your own slayer master, you won't even want too treat, and, 1 thing I have to add about DDS is that it BEATS CLAWS since you can use it on 4 different creatures, it is quite accurate, and it does not take up too much of the exceptional bar (claws are good for bosses/PvP only because they have the potential to do a lot of harm in a limited while. Slayer, however, though you need damage, you don't have to invest 100% special on just 8 hits - 4 of these probably being below 100). Also, Korasi is a fairly good special weapon for (apart from DDS) and functions really nicely on alloy drags.

    For cash, you really shouldn't be relying on buy RuneScape gold herb drops, because, really, they aren't worth much money any more after Sorceress' Garden bots shot over. Next, when you have the slayer, it is possible to go to Abberbant spectres, which shed a great deal of herbs + high level herb seeds, and, can get you a good ~500k/hr, also as not being too populated by spiders.