You can get them for a couple of coins in Sawmill

  • To OSRS gold get there, you'll need a 45% prefer with Hosidius house. This task is made without using resources, so if you're dropping your fishes around the ground during Fishing training, this would be the best leveling method for you. It yields experience similar to regular cooking methods.

    CONSTRUCTION. Although the training approaches for Ironman with this ability does not differ too much from the basic ones, you'll have to gather resources by yourself. Since Structure is a skill which needs the maximum number of tools, you may spend most of the time gathering them rather than the training .

    Early levels are not needed to be trained since you're able to purchase a home and perform Wintertodt minigame for Firemaking expertise and a small bit of Construction advancement. If you would like to train by a different method you can also locate planks lying on the ground about Barbarian Outpost. From boards, you want to earn Crude Wooden Chairs till you're around level 20. Should you want nails, you can get them for a couple of coins in Sawmill.

    Make sure that you utilize Running Miscellania to its fullest capacity to get as much timber from it as you can. You are able to get from this minigame a daily part of Willow logs, which may supplement your training, but it is not the most optimal wood to educate on at higher levels of the skill. In case you haven't stockpiled your Woodcutting gatherings in the bank, you may struggle a lot with buy RuneScape gold Construction training to 99.