What is Canada Digital Adoption Program - CDAP?

  • Digital adoption is a critical component of Canada's financial future. As part of the 2021 price range announcements, the Canadian Federal Government added the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to useful resource small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to digitally transform their organizations. It is an cutting-edge utility that allows you to accelerate digital adoption during the country. SMEs can gain as an awful lot as CAD 15,000 to growth a digital plan that might help them in their digital transformation and advantage their industrial agency desires in 2022.

    As genuinely taken into consideration one in all Calgary’s most important digital companies, we at ThinkTech Software may be walking with you every step of the way and help you thru the gadget – starting from the software program for CDAP, receiving the provide/loans, supplying tips, to the whole execution of the right digital plan for you.

    How does CDAP Work?

    In CDAP, SME’s may be able to exercise for two particular varieties of help:

    Stream 1: This motion will help SMEs take advantage of e-alternate opportunities and expand their organizations online.

    Stream 2: This motion will help organizations with the development and implementation of digital adoption strategies with the help and help of expert digital advisors.

    Stream 1: Grow Your Business Online

    Eligible organizations beneathneath Stream 1 of the CDAP utility will gain:

    • Micro-grants (as an awful lot as approx. 2,4 hundred CAD) to help you digitize and take advantage of e-alternate opportunities, reimburse your smaller undertaking expenses, fulfill your instantaneous operational needs, and expand your industrial agency online

    • Access to a network of Canadian digital experts to introduce and help you use digital equipment efficaciously and gain the maximum out of it

    Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology

    Eligible organizations beneathneath Stream 2 of the CDAP utility will gain:

    • Grants (as an awful lot as approx. 15,000 CAD) and loans (as an awful lot as approx. 100,000 CAD ) to help balance the expenses of digital advisors who will help you recommend the manner to take your industrial agency to the subsequent diploma with new digital strategies and solutions. This motion is fantastic proper for medium-sized companies in which the operational expenses are high, and the economic agency is in higher need of capital

    • Access to a network of Canadian digital advisors, further to government-funded kids placements to help you collectively at the side of your digital transformation

    You need to choose which motion is right for you. ThinkTech let you turn out to be aware about which motion fantastic fits your industrial agency as we are legal with the useful resource of the use of the federal government in advising Canadian SMEs beneathneath this utility.

    ThinkTech Allow You to Plan Your Virtual Transformation

    ThinkTech is a well-mounted digital marketing and marketing services business enterprise with 200+ clients during the globe. We have worked with some of SME’s and are familiar with the middle values of each and every agency we have got were given worked with. We have a collection that is passionate about what they do and recognize the ins and outs of today’s digital organizations. We offer solutions that allows you to now now not most effective make your lifestyles less difficult, but will also provide you with better, more inexperienced tactics of remodeling your industrial agency digitally.

    At ThinkTech, we have got were given a streamlined prevent-to-prevent time-certain gadget to now now not most effective help you get the provide, but provide you with all the reassets to get the most price out of it. We will art work with you right from the starting; from helping you exercise for the provide and, upon approval, art work with you to offer you with a Digital Adoption Plan. Beyond that, we can also help you execute it as quickly as you’re geared up.

    We provide help in every streams and our help is as follows:

    • We can art work with you to choose out out the right CDAP motion that fits your industrial agency accurately
    • We will assist in making geared up and submitting the applications
    • Once accredited, we're capable of art work with you hand-in-hand to execute the undertaking that you get accredited for

    We have mainly customized elements of Stream 2 that allows you to growth and efficaciously digitize your industrial agency. Let’s see how:

    Stream 2 is all about the advent and execution of the digital plan. ThinkTech has divided that into stages to make it less difficult for you.

    In Phase 1, we're capable of be looking at the gaps for your industrial agency and growing with the proper plan. In Phase 2, we're capable of perform the actual execution of the prepared plan.

    Now let’s communicate the ones stages in detail:

    Phase 1 - Gap Analysis & Digital Adoption Planning Canada Digital Adoption Program

    • Knowledge Session
      We help you with the useful resource of the use of information your industrial agency first. We recognize that each industrial agency is particular, and therefore, face further particular disturbing conditions. Through a deeper information of your industrial agency, we is probably able to advise solutions that deal with the disturbing conditions you face.

    • Qualification
      Let us be your guide in navigating the way thru applying, processing, and ultimately, receiving the provide for your industrial agency.

    • Gap Analysis
      We will prepare a Digital Audit in an attempt to reveal off all your cutting-edge industrial agency efforts and gaps.

    • Digital Adoption Plan
      All of our efforts will result in a customized Digital Adoption Plan made best in your industrial agency. The Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) may be your reference in remodeling and digitizing your industrial agency.

    • Pain Points
      We will use DAP to art work on the pain elements that we have got were given identified together.

    • Recommendations
      Finally, we're capable of supply our tips to complete the digital transformation.

    Phase 2 - Digital Adoption - Execution and Delivery

    CDAP Digital Advisors

    • Continuous Improvement Consultations
      Step 1 in our Agile Project Management strategy, the consultations may be a regular try to optimize our solutions that might in form your industrial agency needs.

    • Project Planning
      You may also have a dedicated Project Manager and a trackable dashboard of all the tasks that allows you to be worked on in parallel.

    • Solution Design
      Our specialized organizations will art work together to format solutions to complete your digital transformation.

    • Project Execution
      Multiple streams of tasks may be developed simultaneously. On-time transport assure is a few component we pride ourselves on.

    • User Testing and Training
      Our solutions developers will art work with you to get you comfortable with the usage of the solutions that we craft for you.

    • Project Feedback and Recommendations
      A remarks and recommendation device in location will guarantee that we continually optimize our solutions and/or find out better tactics to bridge the gap for your industrial agency.

    • Next Iteration Planning
      In the final step of our Agile Project Management strategy, we're capin a position to devise for the subsequent new launch of solution development and transport.