What Materials Does China Folding Bed Manufacturers Have

  •         An outdoor folding camping bed, plus an outdoor landscape umbrella, can make bikini girls realize their dreams of sunbathing. Nowadays, beach chairs are not only exclusive to the beach, but also entered into the home decoration, especially the family with a small courtyard. It is not only practical but also creates a "vacation" atmosphere. So as a home furnishings, how to choose the material of the beach chair?

            There are many materials for beach chairs, and different materials have different characteristics and uses. When choosing beach chair materials, try to choose according to your actual needs. The following is a brief introduction to the material categories of beach chairs:

    1. Wooden Beach Chair

    Wooden beach chairs are the most common type of beach chairs, which are used in Sanya resorts and five-star hotels. The wooden beach chair is made of wood materials. The solid wood materials have undergone a special anti-corrosion treatment to achieve the effects of anti-termites and insects. The wood has been dried and will not be easily deformed. It is particularly durable and can Reach the standard for outdoor use. In terms of appearance, wooden beach chairs are more high-quality, with small wooden square tables and landscape umbrellas, which are very high-end and high-end. However, high-quality solid wood beach chairs are more expensive and require post-maintenance. Generally speaking, it is suitable for high-end hotels and resorts. If the economic conditions are good, wooden ones can also be considered.

    1. Plastic Beach Chair

    Plastic beach chairs are generally made of polyethylene. Compared with other beach chairs, their prices are relatively affordable, and they are also particularly stylish and elegant in appearance. Plastic has strong plasticity, can be processed into different shapes, and has a wide choice of colors, but plastic beach chairs are not corrosion-resistant, non-wearing, and have a short lifespan. Generally suitable for exhibitions, real estate rest areas, squares, and home use.

    1. Rattan Beach Chair

    Rattan beach chairs are also very common. They are usually combined with iron art to show romantic and aesthetic visual effects. Its bracket is generally constructed with thickened iron pipes and cast iron brushed iron frames, while the receiving surface is made of artificial rattan, which will feel very cool and comfortable when lying on it. But this kind of beach chair is not very convenient to carry. Generally applicable to villas and courtyards.

    1. Canvas beach chair

    China Folding Bed Manufacturers canvas beach chair is the beloved of many young "travelers". It has a light and stylish appearance. It can be folded flexibly, so it is very convenient to carry. In addition, the canvas beach chair has a variety of colors to choose from, and people can choose according to their own preferences. Generally suitable for outdoor camping, gatherings, exhibitions, living room seating and so on.