Zero Gravity Chair Can Lower Pressure On Your Spine

  •   Many massage chairs on the market come with so many bells and whistles it can seem complicated to figure out which features you’ll actually want. Although the extras can seem appealing when you’re looking at chairs in a store, there are certain features most people tend to use more once they start spending time in their chair on a daily basis. Here are the top four that can make a big difference in how much you enjoy using your zero gravity chair manufacturers.

      3D ROLLERS

      Massage chair rollers that only move up and down or side to side aren’t able to imitate a human massage as closely as chairs with rollers that can also move in and out. One of the main features people want from a massage chair is an ability to perform a realistic massage. The 3D rollers allow the chair to reach the recessed areas of your body such as your neck, shoulders and deeper parts of your spine. These rollers also allow for a much improved deep tissue massage since they can protrude further into your back.


      Even though many massage chairs offer pre-programmed massages, some are definitely better than others. Chairs with automatic programming allow the user to experience the type of massage they want just by pushing a button. Deep-tissue? Shiatsu? Kneading? You’re just one click away from the type of massage you need. Because pre-set options are designed by the chair’s manufacturer, the quality of the manufacturer will affect the quality of the programs. Not every chair has the program options you need to take care of your problem areas or perform an adequate variety of movements.


      This feature is particularly useful if more than one person will be using the chair. While you may be able to find a chair that fits your legs comfortably, it might not fit your friends and family as well. A chair with a footrest extension allows everyone to experience a quality foot and calf massage, even if they have longer legs. Anyone over six feet tall will especially benefit from this feature.


      The only thing better than getting a massage is getting one while you’re in a zero-gravity position. In addition to the normal health benefits of a massage, chairs that recline into a zero-gravity position provide the extra benefits of:

      Less stress on your heart

      Expanded lung capacity

      Lower pressure on your spine

      Better relief for muscle tension

      It can also be more relaxing to get a massage while you’re reclined than in a vertical seating position. Because your weight is more evenly distributed when you’re in zero-gravity, you won’t feel as much tension on your pressure points and your massage can be much more comfortable.

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