Folding Chairs Buying Guide

  •   In modern age, the market puts a lot of emphasis on making our lives easier, more comfortable, and saving time with various products, gadgets, and services. The food service industry does its utmost to ensure a positive dining experience for its guests with great service, food and comfortable restaurant furniture. Folding chairs are gaining popularity in the market for their affordability, versatility, lightweight design and space saving capabilities. Especially if your venue has high foot traffic, advantages of folding furniture, especially chairs, can work in your favor.

      Why Choose Folding Chairs

      High quality stacking and Folding Chair Wholesale | Zero Gravity Chair Manufacturers are widely used in various commercial venues primarily due to their inherited practical benefits they offer. For one, they are easy to maintain and are mostly weatherproof. They also built and manufactured to meet the grueling demands in the food and hospitality industry much like the rest of the restaurant furniture well sell. Folding chairs have become a staple of event seating. While there are other variations of these restaurant chairs, they all are commonly proven to be the best seating option with respect to portability, storability, strength and appearance.

      Presented in different materials, colors, features and styles to sort through, there is a lot that goes into finding the right folding chair for your business. Ultimately, it is crucial to consider your application when selecting your ideal folding chair. If you have limited square footage, folding chairs are the most space efficient seating option. Additionally, they are transportable making them ideal for a range of outdoor events. This article will elaborate more on the different types of folding chairs to help you maximize your investment and make an informed decision.

      Types of Folding Chairs

      Not all restaurant chairs are a one size fits all. More often than not, many spaces don’t allow for regular sized restaurant chairs and tables. Commercial grade furniture suppliers build and manufacture folding tables and chairs in mind. Once you have a good idea how much space you can work with to furnish your layout with these tables and chairs, it comes down to finding the right style and comfort level which varies by chair. Below are four types of folding chairs to choose from to help you find the perfect balance of function, durability and style:

      Plastic Chairs

      Plastic folding chairs are heavily sought out by rental companies who have recently opened for businesses or serve large events. They are built of tubular metal construction and feature a molded plastic seat and backrest. When folded, these chairs nest together allowing you to lay one on top of the other. Our polypropylene chairs are easy to clean, lightweight and easy to transport.

      Metal Chairs

      Metal chairs have been around for as long as the concept of folding seating was developed. Known for their incredible strength, metal folding chairs are a durable seating option for indoor and outdoor commercial settings. They stand up to frequent use in even the most rigorous environments. They are also scratch resistant for increased longevity. Due to their usage versatility, these folding metal chairs are commonly found in schools, churches, convention centers, and meeting halls.

      Wood Chairs

      If you are looking to spruce up your décor with a rustic and elegant charm, these wood folding chairs are certain to add the flair you are looking for. The natural look of wood will enhance any room these chairs are placed in and are regularly seen at wedding halls and other formal events. The folding chairs we sell are made of solid Beachwood construction thus offering tensile strength and durability. A removable padded seat is included that is convenient for cleaning and storage.

      Upholstered Chairs

      A comfortable stylish restaurant chair that you can take with you anywhere you go is highly coveted by many. Fortunately, we carry upholstered folding chairs that boast of these attributes. They offer a comfortable and stylish design to any venue. Bringing an intriguing look and outstanding functionality, these luxurious folding chairs are a formal seating option. Although designed for indoor commercial applications, these upholstered chairs are made of padding that is soft and resistant to temperature changes.

      Each folding chair can be found in a variety of color options. You are likely to find a color that matches your décor, giving your venue a cohesive look. All these chairs are durability built. But some of them are sturdier than other chairs. If weight capacity is not a deciding factor for you, it minimally should be something to consider when shopping for folding chairs or any piece of restaurant furniture for that matter.

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