Is meta-verse being the first of its kind or we already have ex

  • There is an increased hype about the meta-verse that will soon be launched by the world social communication enterprise called META. Many people are dwelling with excitement about what this new thing will bring them next. Though the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, often surprises people by coming up with the things that can make the masses go crazy, but, there is something that most of the people don’t know about. Is meta-verse being the first of its kind? Well, let’s find out!

    According to various sources, and I, myself, have concluded that the meta-verse is not the first of such things. If you look at the things from the past, you will come to know that there are in fact hundreds of such projects in the past two decades. It is said that the first one was considered to be an online game simulator that came up in the late 1990’s named World of Warcraft. Though it was an online multiplayer video game, the fact that people were actually living as an online community in that simulator made it go high in the updates later.

    Many top IT companies in Pakistan also try to launch such things over a decade, but due to lack of governmental support and substantial funds, they are not able to make it happen. In fact, the members went abroad and made their contributions there and now it is unfortunate that we are not able to utilize such talent due to many entities that have grabbed our country for their own benefits. Although IT services for businesses are cool here, when you come up with something new, you won’t be able to make it soon or have to face immense opposition from within, sideways, above, and beneath.

    Now, let’s look at the meta-verse. The fact that Facebook is a renowned social media company that almost every human being on this planet recognizes. They have made their claim in launching something like that, so it’s likely that it will reach the ears of a lot of masses and create hype. By the way, have you ever heard about second life, and Elder Scrolls Online? Well, if you haven’t then these are the first modern online virtual reality communities that are operating since a decade. Though they both are regarded as online videogames but to the extent of virtual community development, they are indeed pioneers.

    You see, things are not as you have been told. You have to face it like everyone that these things will make humans go clumsier. IT services offered to such online communities in such a manner that they won’t be able to beat that algorithm and make their way out, even if they want to. This is the danger of living in a virtual reality rather than an actual reality. You see, most of the people are in fact making the blow with their shots but still they haven’t succeeded because the use of such services is highly in bulk and almost every individual on this planet is using it excessively.