Where to eat the best desi food of all times in Karachi?

  • Most of the time, after getting plush over with immense numbers of fast food deals and other western stuff, you might be craving for a nice desi food stuff on your taste buds, right? Well, for that, you need to know the directions and all to figure out the best eateries out there where you can actually get your delicious food from your hand to mouth. So, let’s begin with the things.

    Shaheen Shinwari:

    If you are willing to eat something that you may consider only for your taste buds, I mean custom seasoning and all, then you should head for the best places of eateries in Karachi. I Know, most of you that already live in Karachi must know that when we talk about desi cuisine, then it is a must to mention Shaheen Shanwari. It’s basically a brand for northern south Asian items and other things like that. You should head there if you really want to eat something that goes in your mouth like a delicate essence. It has two main branches, one is on the highway road near Ahsan a bad, and the other is near millennium mall. You can ask google map for the precise direction. I am just here to call out names of the eateries.

    Javed Nihari:

    Shaheen Shanwari is the top of the list for desi cuisine here, but the only disadvantage there is that you need to wait like an hour or something for your turn on the table. The crowd of people is so much there that their popularity says it right. For the next taste, I will let you know an amazing place. This is however, the oldest eatery in Karachi of the 80’s and still thriving and going like crazy. Welcome to Javed Nihari. If I say the nihari of Javed is a world famous item, then I am absolutely right. Many foreign YouTubers including Polish Eva Zu Beck already claimed that after tasting the Nihari of this place. You may be wondering that I am exaggerating on this? Well, you can check for yourself and see what it is actually about.


    The third on our list is actually a place that you should have to try. They not only prepare desi food items but also can deliver you the fast food item on your door steps as well. This is the Mazaydar food eatery. You can have pasta delivery near me services here, and of course, the pizza here is so much better than you have at those pizza spots. But, their main focus is on desi cuisines. They started out as a Haleem place then eventually and gradually turned out to be successful in their business, now they are like King of the Desi items in the city of Karachi.  Though, they like every item in their menu, from fast food to desi, and Chinese, Italian one’s as well. If you are willing to try it out, make sure to have your crew with you, because eating at this amazing place alone is no justice at all for your loved ones.