The NBA 2K games have become the most iconic basketball game

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    In today's NBA it's impossible to be a winner without sharpshooters on your team. It's the same in NBA 2K22. With a good shooting percentage on your side, you could get a massive lead on your opponent within one or two games or climb from a deficit of just one point significantly faster than a team focusing on post-play.

    If you're looking for shooters to be added to your MyLeague team or for the top players to shoot the long ball in PlayNow here are the top three-point shooters in NBA 2K22. They are among the top shooters in the game at launch. The NBA 2K22 ratings are changing over time, so we'll keep an eye on the ratings and update this list as required.

    Stephen Curry has been the top three-point shooter from the NBA for years, and no one expects him to slow down any time soon. The daggers Curry hits at the moment are unprofessional To be honest. He could take half-court shots while in sleeping. There's a chance that you won't hit like Curry as you take his shot in the 2K22the game has the shot meter, after all But it'll be quicker to shoot than the other players. The guy has a 99 three-point rating.

    The Golden State Warriors are the Long-range Kings of the NBA with Curry as well as Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson and the Splash Bros. are a force to be reckoned against from behind the arc. Thompson is recovering from an injury that forced him to miss throughout the entire season, so it's up to the moment to judge if Thompson will be able to return to his All Star form Buy NBA 2K Coins. In his interviews as well as expert analyses, it seems Thompson is likely to be fit and healthy heading into the season. 2K is giving him a rating of 95 on a three-point scale for the start of the season.