Composition of Electric Pressure Instant Pot


    Electric Pressure Instant Pot parts and accessories

    Instant Pot parts and accessories: base, inner pot, lid, steam release valve, condensate collector, tripod

    Basic unit-this contains the heating element.

    Stainless steel inner pot-suitable for the base.

    Lid-The appearance of the lid varies depending on the Instant Pot model.

    Steam release valve (also called steam release handle)-it is installed on the top of the lid and may be connected.

    Condensate collector-connect it to the back of the Instant Pot. (The LUX model does not have a condensate collector.)

    Trivet-Be sure to keep this, because you will use it often.

    Power cord-detachable in some Instant Pot models.

    Measuring cups and utensils-provided with the Instant Pot. I replaced these with my own measuring cups and utensils.

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