The Characteristics Of Cut Pile Fabric

  • From the introduction of curtain fabric manufacturer, the characteristics of curtain fabrics.

    Cotton fabric: The advantage is comfort, breathability, softness, warmth, anti-sensitivity, and easy to clean; the disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, shrink, deform, and fade.

    Linen fabric: the advantage is natural fabric, comfortable, light and breathable; disadvantage: easy to wrinkle, poor elasticity.

    Wool fabrics: the advantages are light weight, softness, warmth, wrinkle resistance, dirt resistance, not easy to color; the disadvantage is that it is easy to grow insects, can only be dry cleaned, and the cost is high.

    Silk fabric: The advantages are good gloss, bright colors, light and soft, good moisture absorption; disadvantages are shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and need to be ironed.

    Polyester fabric: The advantages are high strength, good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, corrosion resistance, strong silk-like feeling, and bright luster; the disadvantages are not soft enough, poor air permeability, easy to generate static electricity, and not easy to dye.

    Nylon fabric: Nylon is also known as nylon. The advantage is that it has particularly good abrasion resistance. It is often blended with wool to enhance its fastness; the disadvantage is that it has poor air permeability and is prone to static electricity.

    Cotton and linen fabric: The advantage is that it is relatively soft, has the advantages of cotton and linen, and has a strong texture; the disadvantage is that it is not wrinkle-resistant and easy to fade. Classification of curtain fabrics According to the material of curtain fabrics, it can be divided into three categories: natural fibers, chemical fibers, and blended fabrics.

    cut pile fabric: The advantage is a fabric with short velvet strips on the surface, similar to velvet. This kind of fabric is made of cotton. Because of its strong toughness, it is very suitable for use as a decorative surface. The disadvantage is that it is relatively troublesome to clean.