China Stud Bolt Manufacturer Introduces The Use Process Of Hex


    China Stud Bolt Manufacturer introduced the hexagonal weld nut to play the role of connection. Use a welding machine to connect the hexagonal welding nut to the mother body, and then use the screws to fix the required objects. Generally used with spot welding machine, good welding performance and fast efficiency. This kind of nut is widely used in automobile seats, sheet metal cabinets, molds, ships, railways and other industries.

    Hexagonal weld nuts solve the problem that ordinary nuts cannot fix the mother body. There are three solder joints and round bosses on one side of the nut. The boss is used for positioning and the solder joints are used for welding. First punch out the positioning hole on the mother body, position the boss of the nut on the hole, and then use a spot welding machine to weld the nut on the mother body. The welding principle is to melt the three solder joints of the nut at high temperature, so that the solder joints are melted on the mother body to achieve the welding effect. This type of connection is a non-detachable connection.

    With the continuous improvement of the quality of weld nuts and the needs of the industry, a variety of weld nuts have emerged, and weld nuts have become more and more widely used, especially in the automotive industry, in important parts such as chassis beams, gearboxes, and seat belts. Both have applications. The hexagonal welding nut is convenient to use, high in efficiency, and beautiful in welding appearance. Hexagon weld nuts are used on more and more products.

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