Players will experience Lost Ark UK for free from February 11th

  • Lost Ark is an ARPG and MMORPG game, which means it is an action role-playing game, basically players can play online with many other people. It has no lock mode for aiming, so precision and timing are the keys to survival and success. Please visit MMOWTS to find out more about Lost Ark.

    In Lost Ark, players will embark on an Odyssey journey for the veritable Lost Ark in a fascinating world full of infinite depth, discovering miracles in every corner of the map and in every city, castle and catacomb. The game has 15 different hero occupations, with a unique combination of adaptable skills.

    Players can use the tripod skill system to select and enhance their unique characteristics when their combat skills reach a certain level. Players will go deep into the chaos dungeon, face-to-face in expert PvP duels, test their courage in epic missions, and stand firm in battles with the demon army to regain eternal power and the light of Lost Ark.

    The release date of Lost Ark UK will be Friday, February 11, 2022, and it is a free game. This means that players can download it on Steam from February 11th and start playing without spending a penny. However, the game will provide optional microtransactions and paid DLC packages, which players can choose to purchase. Welcome to follow for the latest news about Lost Ark.