Introduction Of Pex Expansion Fittings Color


    PEX Expansion Fittings has a variety of colors, including red, blue, white, orange, black, and variations of these themes. When choosing a PEX tube, color is not a meaningful criterion.

    Instead, the starting point is the presence of an oxygen barrier. PEX with oxygen barrier is used for installation in a closed loop heating system. This type of PEX is red and sometimes blue. PEX is used in drinking water systems without an oxygen barrier. It comes with the required certifications and can be used as a drinking water device. Drinking water PEX is usually red and blue to facilitate the layout of supply lines. Or, when there is no need to distinguish the power cord, it can be white. These colors are only used to help identify the supply line and have nothing to do with the characteristics of the pipe.

    PEX-Aluminium-PEX from PEX Crimp Fitting manufacturers is usually orange. PEX used for wastewater is usually purple.

    Gray is the color reserved for another plastic tube, usually made of polybutene. These are no longer used and have different characteristics from PEX tubes.