Use Of Poly Pex Fittings

  •    Common pipe connection tools include elbows, flanges, tees, etc. They act as connectors in the pipeline. Tee is a kind of connecting element commonly found in piping systems. There are two production methods: hydraulic bulging and hot pressing. According to the requirements of the application, there are several materials such as stainless steel and plastic.


      Poly PEX Fittings are divided into equal diameter, different diameter, and high pressure. Reducing refers to the different diameters of the three connecting pipes, generally two main pipes and one branch pipe. In the process of using the different diameter, due to the change of the diameter of the pipe, the flow rate of the medium inside also changes. The use of stainless steel tee, the inner wall is smooth, has acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, and can prevent the collision and static electricity caused by the change of the flow rate.


      Stainless steel tee is a kind of pipe fitting used at the branch of pipeline. For the manufacture of tee joints with seamless pipes, the currently commonly used processes include hydraulic bulging and hot press forming. The hydraulic bulging of the stainless steel tee is a forming process in which the branch pipe is expanded by the axial compensation of the metal material. The process is to use a special hydraulic press to inject liquid into the tube blank with the same diameter as the tee. The two horizontal side cylinders of the hydraulic press synchronize the centering movement to extrude the tube blank. The volume of the tube blank becomes smaller after being squeezed, and the inside of the tube blank The pressure of the liquid increases as the volume of the tube becomes smaller. When the pressure required for the expansion of the stainless steel three-way branch tube is reached, the metal material flows along the inner cavity of the mold under the dual action of the side cylinder and the liquid pressure in the tube to expand the branch tube. .


      The self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface of the stainless steel three-way ball valve. When the sphere tilts away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through the sealing surface of the sphere uniformly at 360°, which not only eliminates the local washing of the valve seat by the high-speed fluid, but also washes away the accumulation on the sealing surface to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning . The stainless steel three-way ball valve relies on the rotary valve to make the valve unblocked or blocked. The ball valve switch is light, small in size, can be made into a large diameter, reliable in sealing, simple in structure, easy to maintain, the sealing surface and the spherical surface are often in a closed state, and it is not easy to be eroded by the medium. It is widely used in various industries.


       PEX Fittings Wholesale 's stainless steel tees are widely used in the construction and maintenance of projects in petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, fertilizer, power plants, nuclear power, shipbuilding, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, food hygiene, urban construction and other industries. In industry, the pressure of this kind of pipe fittings is relatively high, and the pressure can reach 600 kg. The pressure of water pipes in life is lower, generally 16 kg.