Since a few days, I am suffering from the game stutter.

  • Talents are a horrible mechanic. Smart people searched for the WOW TBC Gold highest levelling spec, and then followed it with a mindless. Casuals and noobs were sucked into the system. The smart people found the best raiding spec and followed it with a mindless zeal, casuals and noobs got wronged yet again. Raids packed with abso-fuckingly alike mages and warlocks, warriors and rogues adhering to the same BiS sets and having identical rotations, created raids with identical specs. Absolute homogeneity for the proficient, a million ways to fuck up and get called a noob for everyone else . And then pay a gold tax to fix it.

    It's true, you get an illusory feeling of authority and competence when you put your fourth talent point into "Do +1 percent more of that" or put your thirty-first talent level in "this should have been baked-in at 40 ability". This is a flimsy illusion. There's no way to develop a proficiency or understanding anything greater than a five year old's sticker book. (But then again, I'm convinced that a good portion of Classic's most fervent followers are the kind of players who attempt to boost their egos by assuming that winning a fifteen-year older game that was solved using miniature games for children's books makes them a ferocious gaming god.)

    This is absurd, dude. The majority of game design, especially RPG development, is a fake. An RPG's whole idea is that you start out being weak in numerical terms and build up your skills over time. This gives you an illusion of growth. The tiny details of how to gain strength is what makes an RPG stands out from other RPGs. Wow was the very first game to use the concept of talent trees. It was nice having the choice to choose how you want to build your strength. Do you have a good numerical option? Yes. Is it really important to the casual player that they don't possess the most effective build? There is no need to worry about it. It only matters if you are planning to create content for the endgame. Even though everyone was constructed exactly the same way back then today, it's just marginally superior. RPGs will always be the most effective for any given encounter.

    Since a few days, I am suffering from the game stutter. It happens on all my characters. Stuttering isn't as "random", but it's responsive most of the time. For instance, I stutter every when I switch my weapons (2h to shield and the reverse). I also stutter a lot when opening from stealth on my rogue and also when I drop combat. This can happen quite frequently and is especially noticeable when there is an abundance of activity for instance, in raid-like environments. To test this, I disabled all extensions. The results show that the stuttering occurs lessnoticeable, however it is still present. This raises the question of what's causing this. My computer runs pretty well so there's no reason to believe it's the cause. I tried disabling addons, changing the video settings of the game and reinstalling the game. Flashing new bios , and buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold disabling hyperthreading were a few of the options I tried. It doesn't seem to work. Do you know how to fix this issue? It's extremely annoying, think of having the whole screen stutter whenever you switch to an armor to use spell reflect to be you fight in PVP this is a nightmare.