My issue isn't caused by Windows 10's old DWM

  • However, I did it by upgrading to a bigger main screen. This WOW TBC Gold meant that my GPU was now driving larger pixels at a faster speed. My GPU was forced to work, even though it was being adequate for the classic WoW. And it was not adequate for the task.

    Even with all addons turned off I was able to see that the game might flicker even if VSync was turned off or switched on. This occurred regardless of whether my GPU was reaching its limit. Zones such as Nagrand, with all of its lush vegetation, would push and keep my GPU running at 100% which eventually lead to it throttling.

    It seems that the WoW engine really isn't a fan of when the GPU throttles for my setup. My CPU wasn't breaking a sweat but with my GPU operating at its maximum I would see the flickering. The flickering got worse due to add-ons.

    Therefore, I set my game FPS limit to 60 , and the game became much better. While it's annoying that you're able see your back at 60 after playing for some time however it's still a lot better than the flickering I had experienced.

    So after changing my settings and setting my framerate down to 60, I experienced a good amount of flickering as I said in my previous post. While I believed that it was due to my GPU there was a part of me believed it was my GPU that caused the issue. In other games in which my GPU was being stretched over its limits, I'd not be having issues. I still do need the new GPU at some point but since it's now time for an upgrade. (I was planning to upgrade my GPU but ...) I'm thinking my GPU is working fine. There aren't any issues with the hardware.

    My issue isn't caused by Windows 10's old DWM, Desktop Window Manager or refresh rate code. Therefore, when WoW was running on my primary monitor would need be synchronized to the level that my GPU could do, and it was generally not quite 144 FPS. It would then run into an issue. My second monitor worked perfectly and was set to the 144hz. The DWM would produce flashing and also drop frames on my primary screen.

    Before when I had my primary running at 144hz and my secondary at 60hz I didn't notice because DWM at the time, unnoticed to me it had set both framerates at 60 anyway. It was still happening sometimes, but I realized that any solution to it resulted in my game's FPS decreasing to 60.

    The flicker I saw was reproduced in crafting. When I turned leather scraps into leather and noticed a tiny flicker after the job was completed. My mods that cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold I have used are running and I am having no problems.