The playerbase is larger in Aion Classic although

  • They don't seem to have read my emails, which is the most frustrating part. I emailed asking regarding the pet that came with the three months' sub to confirm. The first reply was aion classic kinah buying that they don't provide this service. Then they reply that they don't have any information on Siels Aura items.

    It was a whole group, we all joined at the same time. It's not like leaving the instance to turn in hairpin quest would be a violation and then running back in the exact same place .....but everyone else does this. This isn't possible the case, I'm guessing. In any case, I emailed them and got the copy n paste reply. The company is not even willing to look into their mistake. It's a sad thing.

    This isn't true at all. This is just a copy/paste response they're giving anyone, even those who didn't do anything else than a regular SR hairpin runs. I know of a person who hasn't been online for a week and was even banned for doing this. They might have just checked those who have left and re-entered SR repeatedly, and then added them to the banned list using an automated verification, not taking the time to check the authenticity of their quest.

    Finally, someone told me the reason for my ban. Beware, people. Utilizing SteelRake and performing the HairPin quest may result in getting exiled if you do it repeatedly. This was the way I was doing with the LFG group I was a part of. The goal was to eliminate the mobs, get the 12 hairpins and proceed to the Shugo, and take on our quest. Following that the game was over, we'd return in Steel Rake and continue in the same manner. This is what I and pretty much everyone would have done when the game first came out back in 2009. I had no idea that this was an exploit! I emailed them back, to inquire if this is an exploit or the result of a false negative from their side. This does not seem to be an exploit however it does appear that it is a deliberate decision. You should be cautious when doing this with the hairpin pursuit.

    The playerbase is larger in Aion Classic although it's all relative , considering that Aion retail seems to be only six players in the game in any given moment last time I checked. Aion Classic is in the battle patch that was praised or at least acknolwedged by all players as one of the top choices, in part because of the fact that it is an animation-oriented combat system. It also has the advantage that the to change certain identities of classes didn't occur yet. Aion Classic does have 1 hour of free play, although it's not much but it does mean you are able to play a small amount if you need to interrupt your sub (and if you pause the sub, it is a sign that you're too busy to have a long sitting time anyway).

    What is the difference between Classic and F2P in regards to gameplay, graphics or player base? I've played a single character up to level 8 on the f2p version and before proceeding further, I'd like to be able continuing to play this game or if Classic is better? Maybe the pros and cheap aion classic kinah cons of each version? That would be incredible!