Take You to Know The Solar Cells in Life

  •  The solar battery is the application of the battery in solar photovoltaic power generation. There are four types of lead-acid maintenance-free battery, ordinary lead-acid battery, solar gel battery, and alkaline nickel-cadmium battery. During the daytime, the sunlight shines on the solar modules, so the solar cell modules generate a certain range of DC voltage, convert the light energy into electrical energy, and then transmit it to the intelligent controller. Electric energy is delivered to the battery for storage, and storage requires a battery. The so-called battery is an electrochemical device that stores chemical energy and releases electrical energy when necessary.

    A good solar battery should have some properties such as 1): good deep cycle capability, good overcharge, and over-discharge capability. 2) Long life, long-life battery guaranteed by special process design and colloidal electrolyte. 3): Applicable to different environmental requirements, such as batteries that can be used normally under different conditions such as high altitude, high temperature, and low temperature.

    The widely used solar batteries in China are mainly lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and gel batteries. These two types of batteries, because of their inherent "free" maintenance characteristics and the characteristics of less pollution to the environment, are very suitable for reliable solar energy. Power systems, especially unattended workstations. Ordinary lead-acid batteries are mainly suitable for maintenance or low-grade occasions due to the need for frequent maintenance and large environmental pollution. Alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries have good low temperature, overcharge, and over-discharge performance, but due to their high price, they are only suitable for special occasions.

    With the widespread use of solar photovoltaic power generation systems, more and more people's attention has been paid to the battery as a matching battery.

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