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  • The question that arises here is how to tackle this problem. The major thing that the governments of both Pakistan and India can do is to find out a way to integrate these poor and backward women who come from the lower middle class and even from the lower tier of the society. Since the government of Pakistan has no support from the parties in parliament, they have to rely on the institutions, which can help them increase funds for Call Girls in Karachi. However, it is the problem of lack of resources in Pakistan, which has kept the government at bay for introducing a bill to support these women, and to make their employment opportunities better. It was a very courageous decision by the government of Pakistan to allow free education for these women, but they could not introduce a law or any regulation to protect them from the exploitation by pimps and other middlemen of this region.


    For this they have to take help of the middlemen. They can use the different bodies of power in the government to introduce a law that will help Karachi Call Girls to stand up against their pimps. I believe that this will be the best option that they can ever use. These middlemen will charge the government for providing these escort services for free. Since the government has no one to answer to, they will surely find the best solution for this issue, which is using the middlemen. It is a win-win situation for both the governments; the government can generate tax revenue; the escort can earn better income as a professional escort; and the pimps can avoid trouble with the police, human rights organizations and the local authorities by working peacefully.


    However, we cannot see such a scenario happening in Pakistan anytime soon. We cannot see the day that there will be no more pimps in the city. The pimps are still there in large numbers, since the people of this region love to live luxuriously. There are many things that need to be done in order to bring order in this region. The government must keep in mind the needs of the people of this region before introducing a law to support the Escorts in Karachi and other cities.


    Therefore, if you really want to see the wonderful job being done by the Karachi Escorts and other cities of Pakistan, then it is up to the concerned authorities to take immediate action. If you know anyone who lives in the Karachi, or anywhere in Pakistan, you can ask him or her to find a suitable female escort who can earn him or her some money while enjoying her hobby. These women can be easily found in the cities of Pakistan and so can make any man happy.