Industry Development Of Bolts

  • Advanced Bolts is the foundation of high-end machinery manufacturing, and its role can be described as "four or two against a thousand catty". On the surface, the bolt output value only accounts for a few percent of the machinery industry. In essence, the added value it brings to key components and equipment is much higher.

    The bolt market is fiercely competitive and is moving towards brand management. China's bolt industry is still a developing industry, "big but not strong", "fat but not strong", and there is a big gap with the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, and there is a lack of technical services to solve mechanical fastening solutions. , To realize the digitization of products, design, manufacturing and management, and the greening of products and manufacturing processes. It is understood that the development of China's bolts is under increasing pressure from resources and the environment. An important way to alleviate resource constraints is to develop green manufacturing. The development of bolts will continue to be actively promoted in the direction of brand management for a period of time to promote the full range of bolt project development.

    In terms of products, mid-to-high-end products will accelerate the localization of quality research and development. The entire process from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to disposal, must consider the least waste, the lowest emissions, high resource utilization, and environmental impact. Minimal, so as to coordinate and optimize corporate and social benefits.

    In terms of circulation, explore various value-added service models to bring value and benefits to customers. From providing a single set of bolts to providing mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, etc., the proportion of services in the sales revenue of bolt manufacturing enterprises will gradually increase.

    China's Bolts Manufacturers lack breakthroughs in the growth of core bolt technology. At the same time, the living space of low-end products has been squeezed smaller and smaller. Foreign-funded enterprises through localization also have considerable cost advantages. Coupled with the advantages of technology brands, they have begun to enter the market space of the original independent brands.