Dubai's top 5 Desert Safaris

  • It is believed that the Arabian Peninsula is host to the tiny State of Dubai. We know that the entire Arabian Peninsula is basically a premium desert safari, with some arid mountains and hills that form an element of its landscape. Dubai is not an exception and shares a similar scenery.

    The desert isn't what people usually think of as a desert that is solitary and unhospitable. Indeed, it has an appeal of its own. However, the issue of water scarcity is everywhere and affects the living conditions in the desert. Additionally, the daytime temperatures are extremely high, and night temperatures are low because of the unique properties of the sand. In Dubai the temperatures in the desert can fluctuate to extremes.

    Due to the extreme heat, they have an enormous impact upon wild animals. Therefore only animals that are able to endure the heat are able to survive within the harsh desert. Therefore, the majority of animals such as the sandskunk or sand boa are swiftly moving under the sandy surface or spend their time in deep holes and burrows. The majority of species appear only in the evening when the desert gets cooler.

    Birds are able to survive in the desert if they're resilient , as animals like birds can't burrow into sand. So, a large number of species move to cooler areas.

    The UAE has a few bird species. The desert eagle, long-legged buzzard, the little owl , and the brown necked raven are observed within the desert. Additionally, the cream-colored courser as well as the black crowned finch can also be seen. In winter, the native species can be seen alongside migrants from central Asia such as the warbler and hauberk bustard.

    The deserts are nevertheless populated with plenty of reptiles. They are the primary reptiles that inhabit the desert. The huge desert lizards and monitors that measure up to a meter are quite common. Snakes are also found in desert sands, and the deadly desert viper is the king of the dominion of the roost. The majority of snakes bury themselves in sand, and emerge only when the sun isn't there.

    Mammals are among the most afflicted in deserts. In the last 100 years, a gradual extinction of mammals has occurred. But some desert varieties of the striped hyena, wolf and the jackal have survived.In the meantime, two species of gazelle, including the mountain gazelle are visible on the major roads that connect Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Another animal that is exotic and can be observed is the more Sand cat. However, it is on the verge of being extinct. However, now, poaching and any method of killing wild animals in the desert is strictly prohibited.