Get some important tips and ideas for Premium Desert Safari


    Since the start of my Dubai trip , I was able to know of premium desert safari. A lot of people have advised me to go for this on weekends. My first two weeks (and obviously, weekends) were spent settling down working out project details (naturally this was my first priority!) and learning to schedule. The two weekends of my life I was in my Hotel rooms, getting settled in and finalizing the scope of the project and boundaries, as well as the documentation.

    The first week of December 2007 Everything was clear and I was ready to go out and have fun. I decided to seize the first chance. This weekend lasted for three days. I took a rest on the first day. On the second day, I rang the office of a travel agent and secured a safari spot. I waited eagerly until after lunch since the it was planned to start at 4 pm. The driver rang around 2.45 in noon, much earlier than scheduled time of 3.30 after 3:30 pm. Driver, Amin Mohammed, A typical Arabian guyof 6 feet in height, wearing traditional Arabic dress, was waiting downstairs in his large plushy Landcruiser in my absence. After looking at the Car it self, I knew my trip would make for one of the most memorable travel experiences I've ever had. For more information

    Our journey began shortly following the "introduction ceremony" with each one. Then, four more people joined us for tour. Being first to be picked up , I took the front seat in Landcruiser which turned out to be the most ideal spot in Safari. With front seat you get the clear big views of the desert ahead of you. This is also the ideal opportunity to take video and good pictures of other vehicles within "cafila" as well. You also have the opportunity to interact with driver easily to learn more about the driver wherever you need.