What is your favorite position to have sex with your sex doll?

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    What is your favorite position to have sex with your sex doll? Missionary, dog pose, standing puppy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, etc.? This is a very simple question for doll lovers.

    It seems that many people prefer the dogs style, but from the survey data, missionaries are the most popular among doll lovers. The main reason for this is that sex dolls are optimized for missionaries, which is not good for people who like dog style. It is easy to find life size realistic adult sex dolls suitable for missionaries from sex doll suppliers.

    The missionary pose allows you to stare into the eyes of a life size big breasted adult sex doll, grab her breasts, kiss her, and brutally penetrate. I prefer the standing missionary, with the doll's butt leaning on the bar stool-put Miss Katie where I need her, the view is beautiful. In addition, it allows my hands to freely play with the soft little things she squeezed.

    I always go with missionaries now. I have tried standing and kneeling puppies, but I prefer frontal observation. I tried Cow Girl, but found it difficult to locate the doll...-Would you put the doll on her lap for this? The last time I tried, I let her sit on me with her legs spread out, but she was sitting on me, all the weight was on me, there was not much room to push

    Cowgirl is for sure. Although my current favorite is basically the cowgirl, I also sat up, she almost sat on my lap. It’s best for her to get closer, to be able to hug her ass, or to suck on her nipples.

    As for keeping the sheets clean afterwards, I usually lift her up and let her flow onto my stomach. It's easier to clean my stomach than my sheets.

    It should be better to keep your legs pushed back to the core in the missionary...someone mentioned this in another thread the previous week. Then I noticed a sexier view and the doll’s pussy is not open, I also suggest

    I also like to tilt the sex doll upwards in the missionaries by the bed, and enter her more upwards rather than horizontally,

    I will have to try to get her on it again, it's a good perspective change, and putting the extra weight of the doll on it is amazing

    Think puppies will be more popular. Not my favorite (female) at all, but my impression is that most men like puppies.

    I like playing Cowgirl with women, but I can't imagine it playing so well with life size realistic adult sex dolls, especially a heavy doll. However, many people describe how much they like it. I think if she can support his weight in a kneeling position, it should be okay. I really didn't think about it. So what is there to look forward to! Have any of you found that dolls over a certain weight do not work well in cowgirls.

    I like the missionary and prone anal position the most. I can change her arms and legs according to my preferences, play with her breasts, and most importantly have face-to-face time, which makes me feel more intimate and happy.