Questions about SWTOR

  • I recently wrote an article about the shame of my biggest MMO, including the fact that I never finished all the class stories in “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” In order to remove one of them from the list, I went back to the game again. Although I like to play my role and continue to tell stories, some things still bother me.

    This is not a problem for elites to take over. Playing the story content is just one way, it’s too easy. The power of my partner is too strong. Although not as strong as before, it is still so strong that I often feel that they have fired me, so I have the opportunity to really do something in the fight. In fact, the game is so simple that they discourage it to run the damage at when leveling, because most enemies die even before applying DoT .

    This applies to enemies throughout the world and story missions. I don’t know if BioWare should regroup its enemies globally to bring more challenges or provide players with a way to solve the difficulty of the game world and origin story content, but I think it should make a difference. From a personal point of view, this is not only a challenge but also makes it difficult for me to give reasons to suggest cooperating with friends to play games. If the encounter in the world is just one person’s nap, then imagine how things will develop.

    I’m going to beat an old horse here and say that I am still surprised that BioWare has not implemented some kind of hood switching function at this moment in the game's life. Currently, players cannot use hoods by playing certain species such as Twi’lek or, they cannot wear them, nor can they use specific headbands or other equipment to eliminate hoods. If there is a way to force the hood to fall off in this way, why not give us the opportunity to choose?

    In addition, there are some common problems with tailoring, but by far, the most serious problem is that certain cosmetics cannot be dyed correctly or even consistently. Some items do not use the second dye when they are dyed, or have strange discoloration in different parts of the item. It looks sloppy. For equipment manufactured before SWTOR entered F2P (and therefore not a cartel market product), I can understand this to some extent, but there is no excuse for on IGGM.