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  • After a short time of introductions, a man came into the room from the golf course and he sat down in our kitchen table. Andrew Friedlander introduced himself an we discussed our homes in Philadelphia as well as his first residence in Brooklyn in Brooklyn, and then his new home in Honolulu. In regards to how he ended ending up living in Hawaii, Andrew told us that while on R&R during his service with Vietnam in Army in Vietnam He chose to spend a few days in Hawaii following the completion of the last tour of duty. He hired an apartment, worked tables, washed cars etc. to earn some extra cash. He told me that he was able to pay his rent to an older man who came by once per month. He eventually asked him if it was a business. Andrew claimed that he'd never thought about managing properties as a profession, but the more he talked to him, the more he realized how diverse commercial blue world city islamabad payment plan 2021  for business could be, particularly in Hawaii. The agent who was renting began to explain to Andrew the fundamentals of the business and Andrew made the decision not to return to Brooklyn.

    In the last year in the past year, a younger Army Captain and a friend contacted to me in Hawaii. His wife and he were taking in some R&R after their last duty assignment and he called to ask me for some suggestions about commercial real estate businesses. I provided him with Andrews number when I made contact with Andrew on his availability. Andrew offered my friend food and introduced him Colliers' company within the Islands. The result was that my friend and his wife subsequently decided to relocate to Florida to be closer to their parents. The Colliers headquarters situated in Ft. Lauderdale was anxious to talk with him and did so. He was able to find a more suitable fit for a concentration in office brokerage with a different firm however, I believe that there are opportunities that are available with large companies for someone who has an interest, who can show that they are self-motivated and whose behavior (manners and speech, personal grooming and professional clothes) are all positive. A long-time friend of mine informed me that one night when both of our spouses checked in, very late, at a hotel owned by a well-known hotel chain "That desk clerk is the person representing this hotel company to its customers and I know the CEO. That clerk's slight rudeness toward us does not at all represent what their CEO wants his company to be known for in their business. He will need to learn that if he is going to be more than the late night clerk."

    I bring this up because a company such as Colliers and any competitors must ensure that a salesperson or broker who first meets a potential client is a good representation of the company's image. A lot of money is spent on establishing that image to members of the corporate world that each person, which includes all staff, must reflect that effort. For more information

    If not, a prospective customer is likely to choose to hire a competitor whose act is in line with the image. I have heard that customer relations learning at Wal-Mart is highly effective for all employees. I'd say that any major restaurant chain has put in the place a comprehensive program for training of staff. It could be beneficial to see there is a problem with a customer who isn't always in the right place at a restaurant how the staff member handles the client who is very particular.