How to Make Drill Bits Suppliers


    What is the drill bit made of?
    Drill Bits Suppliers’ drill bits are often made of steel, cobalt and cemented carbide. Each material has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, cemented carbide is a very hard material suitable for making drill bits, but the hardness of the material also means increased brittleness, which may mean that under certain conditions, softer drill bits may withstand catastrophic failure (fracture) . Steel is usually hard enough to do the job, and flexible enough to prevent damage from carbide failure. This is especially important when the drill is handheld, so the angle will change slightly during the drilling process. The frame-stabilized drill will not change too much, so the angle of the drill (and subsequent negative effects) will change less. This makes steel the best material for hand-held drill bits.

    Steel type
    Softer mild steel drill bits are common because they are cheap, but they are not resistant to wear and need to be sharpened or replaced more frequently, which reduces the price/performance ratio. These are mainly used for drilling wood, although even harder woods will wear them faster than softer woods.

    High-carbon steel drill bits are more durable in the beginning, but if they overheat during use (which may be caused by friction when drilling harder materials), the cutting edge may lose tempering, resulting in a softer tip and subsequent The performance loss. These are usually used for drilling wood and some metals.

    High-speed steel (HSS) drills are as hard as high-carbon drills, but they are also more resistant to tempering losses caused by heat. They are commonly used to drill hardwoods, certain metals, and other materials, and can run at higher speeds without worrying about friction heating and edge tempering losses. Most of these have taken over the market share once held by carbon steel drill bits.

    Cobalt steel alloy drill is a high-speed drill with a higher cobalt content than ordinary drills. These can be used to drill stainless steel and other hard materials without deterioration due to frictional heat. However, they are more brittle than standard HSS drill bits, so the chance of breakage increases, especially when used in a handheld condition.
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