This is the Best Fairy Games For Girls


    It's not a surprise that kid dresses for girls are awestruck by fairy tales. It's really hard to find a child that does not enjoy almost all things related to fairies. This is why it's such an easy choice to play games with fairy tales in any sort of play for children. There are many fairy games to choose from but it's best to choose the most well-known games. These are the top fairy games for girls.

    Attach the wings to the Fairy

    The game is a whimsical twist on the popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey game for parties. Draw your fairy on a large piece of cardboard, poster board or butcher papers. It should be a rear view of the fairy since the girls will be trying to stick the fairy wings onto the paper. The fairy wings must be covered in glitter. Remember that glitter is the fairy dust that creates the sparkle in fairy tales for girls. Utilize double-sided tape, or fold masking tape on itself. Blindfold the girls using an extremely fairy-like shawl and spin them at least three times. Then let the attempt to affix the wings to the more fairy.

    Fairy Treasure Hunt

    This game is always a major success at girls' parties. Parents hide clues all over the house for the girls to find. Each clue will take each girl one step closer towards a fantasy treasure chest. The clues are most enjoyable when they require girls to figure out a puzzle or answer to a question. Be sure to keep the amount of clues under ten so that the girls don't become bored before they've earned their reward. The treasure chest for the fairy princess should be filled with all kinds of fairy dress-up gear. Many fairy wings, the wand, flowers, and glitter should be included. It is also a good idea to place some sort of sweet item in the treasure box of fairy tales.

    Fairy Telephone Game

    This is the fairy version of the popular children's game of Telephone. The girls sit in a circle where the child who's the birthday one or parent whispers a secret message about fairies to a different girl. The girls all whisper the message to the next girl, and when it goes throughout the circle, it's completely altered. The result is typically funny.

    Fairy Dress Up Dash

    Every girl is given a stack of fairy dress-up clothes. Every girl competes to see who can put all the dress up clothing on the fastest. The game can be played with two teams or as an individual. The winning girl or team should receive a plate of fairy-themed cookies.