Market Development Of Hollow Capsules

  • Empty Capsule Manufacturers use medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials to refine hollow capsules with cap and body two capsule shells. Mainly used to hold solid and liquid medicines. Such as self-made powders, health products, medicines, etc., solve the problems of difficulty to eat and poor taste for users, and truly realize that good medicines are no longer bitter. Hollow capsules are becoming more and more popular. First of all, the shape of the capsule is slender and easy to swallow. It is the most popular dosage form for consumers; in addition, the capsule can effectively mask the uncomfortable taste and smell of the contents. There are various capsule sizes, including size 00 extended and size 5 capsules. Capsules can also be printed with text, trademarks, and patterns, presenting a unique customized appearance.

    In recent years, as people’s understanding of gelatin capsules has continued to deepen, more and more attention has been paid to the research of green and renewable bio-based capsule shells. As people learn more about bio-based green materials and the display of bio-based green materials With the advantages that come out, the market application prospect of bio-based hollow capsules is very broad. In order to make bio-based hollow capsules adapt to the market as soon as possible, the government and the Empty Capsule Committee must issue corresponding policies and regulations to ensure the safety of non-Empty Gelatin Capsules, formulate unified testing standards for bio-based hollow capsules; speed up the preparation of bio-based hollow capsules Process research and development to industrialize the production of bio-based hollow capsules; it is necessary to further explore the combination of bio-based hollow capsules with other high-performance materials, develop more adaptable and better-performing hollow capsules, and promote the development of the bio-based capsule shell industry. Healthy and sustainable development.